Business Plan Basic Requirements

Business Plans

Business Plans

Here you will discover the requirements of the business plan in general form.

The importance of a carefully prepared business plan is often underestimated. A business plan is used to lay out the strategy for the development of a business and a business plan is also required when raising finance.

When raising finance the borrower must convince potential lender that he or she has a viable business proposal. This cannot be done without a business plan.

The requirement of a business plan a potential lender would expect to see information on.

  1. Management
  2. Product or service
  3. Markets
  4. Business objectives and strategy
  5. Financial projections
  6. Finance required
  7. Security available
  8. Management information systems
  9. Principal risks.

Business Plans that are sent in for review should be no more than 25 pages and should also include a synopsis of no more than two pages.

Of course you may have other supporting documents; these are generally required once the lender or investor is interested.

In some cases you may also need a marketing plan

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