General Process and steps for Funding and help Information

General  Steps to obtain funding 

You will register as a client and in doing so will receive access to a portal via email

You can now login to your provisional area, if you lose your password you can reset it through the email you registered with.

You now can choose your service level depending on your choice you will get additional links in your portal.

If you choose the basic level you will be able to conduct your own search for a lender.

Level two and three allows you to upload your business plan

We will review your business plan on two occasions and suggest any changes

You may be sent forms for completion in your case document area

You finalise your business plan and we will prepare a lender search for you

The results will be published in your portal 

You can then approach the lenders your- self for their decision

If you want help with the presentation, we can agree terms with you. This could involve an additional fee

If you do not follow guidance or complete documents we will only complete a concept search

Loans offered are for your own consideration

The project could fail in its endeavours to raise finance

Can I Communicate Via Email or through the Business Plan Uploader

No you should use the contact admin link, you have limited credits to ask questions with, but you can purchase more